Bikes or Bust!

Hello friends! Last week we were fortunate to be able to participate in a great local charity, Bikes or Bust. Local radio host Mojo spent 105 hours in a scissor lift (in freezing temperatures!) high above the Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, AL to raise awareness about the event. He was joined by the Marines and other local groups and […]

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Mounting Made Easy

One of the great products we offer here at Sure Grip is our #1520 Quick Release Disconnect system. It is offered as it’s own product and can be purchased on our website. The #1520 is included with our #2111 Cam Lock Mount Set It is also included with our #3800 series (including the two gun […]

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The Perfect Fit for Every Competitive Shooter

This time of year is incredibly busy for us. Aside from the usual day to day business, our boss is constantly traveling to various shows and expos. Several of the shows he travels to are actually sporting clay shoots which makes it the perfect time to highlight one of our best selling racks: the #3800 […]

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Home Sweet Home….For A Few Days Atleast

As Dorothy so eloquently put it, “There’s no place like home”. After a long weekend of shows there is definitely no place better! Both of the shows we attended were fantastic and fun, but there is definitely a lot to be said for sleeping in your own bed. Unfortunately, that bliss is short lived. In […]

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Perhaps You’re Just Too Smart…

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A GENIUS I am no genius. I have not, and will not, ever claim to be one. I was however, raised by one and I spent a lot of time watching him and trying to figure out how he ticked. It always fascinated me to watch him do the most menial […]

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It’s That Time Again…

…Show time! Once again it’s that magical time of the year when we all sweat and work our cabooses off to spend time with those we love best…you! Here in a few weeks we’ll kick off our main show season and start traveling all around to various expos and clay shoots. The first two shows […]

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Our Small Way of Helping Those Who Help Others

Happy Friday friends! Today I would like to highlight something we did several years ago and would absolutely love to do again. A few years back we were fortunate enough to provide our local county sheriffs office with gun racks for their squad cars. They mount incredibly easy to the barricade between the officers and […]

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Forget Throwback Thursday…It’s Flashback Friday!

Happy Friday everybody! In honor of the start of the weekend I thought it would be fun to have a flashback Friday and show off some fun pictures of our fearless leader, AJ Williams. Several years ago Mr. Williams, along with his brother Dwight Williams and their friend Ron Potee drove all the way from our […]

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New Mounting Plate for a 6000 Floor Mount Rack

Hello friends! The other day we had a customer call in with a fantastic challenge. He had previously owned a Polaris but had decided to purchase a new buggy and he ended up going with a Kawasaki Mule. However, he already had one of our #6000 Floor Mount Double Gun & Bow Racks and didn’t want to have to give it up […]

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Who Said You Can’t Have a Gun Rack on Your Bike?

And no we don’t mean motorcycles… Here at Sure Grip we’re constantly trying to come up with new applications for our racks. Whether it be mounting to vehicles, wheelchairs or even walls we have a fever and the only prescription is…more mounting! Now this may raise the question, “Why on earth would you need a […]

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