…Show time!

Once again it’s that magical time of the year when we all sweat and work our cabooses off to spend time with those we love best…you! Here in a few weeks we’ll kick off our main show season and start traveling all around to various expos and clay shoots. The first two shows happen to be on the same weekend, July 8th, 9th and 10th. We’re sending out the troops to Lakeland, FL for the Big Buck Expo and to Huntsville, AL for the Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo. Both promise to be excellent shows with a wide variety of exhibits, demonstrations and seminars.

For the Big Buck Expo we are dispatching the one and only leader of our motley crew, AJ Williams, and our wonderful office manager/shop mom, Denese. If you’ve ever watched the video on our homepage you’ve caught a glimpse of AJ, but trust me, he’s larger than life in person. For the Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo we are sending shop manager Joseph and … drumroll please… me! If you enjoy these little blog posts (and I certainly hope you do!) the voice behind them will be smiling and selling racks in Huntsville, AL. I could not be more excited to get out from behind this computer and hang out with all of you!

So mark your calendar’s folks, it’s time to head out to the show and pick yourself up a brand-spanking new gun and bow rack! And because we appreciate you all so much and want to meet you, we’re offering some extra incentive: mention this blog post at our booth (at either show) and receive a 5% discount on our already low special show pricing! We can’t wait and hope to see you all there!