I am no genius. I have not, and will not, ever claim to be one. I was however, raised by one and I spent a lot of time watching him and trying to figure out how he ticked. It always fascinated me to watch him do the most menial tasks. The simplest project became rocket science when he was working on it because of the way he could break down every aspect of it. As a child it would blow my mind how he could turn something so easy and basic into something so complex. I remember always wondering, is my dad too smart for his own good?

As my time here at Sure Grip has gone on I have discovered that this is not an uncommon problem. I have very high regard for those with above average intelligence; after all, without these great over-thinkers who would perform our surgeries? Defend us in court? Protect us from potential alien invasions? For the love of that all is good, who would have invented the wheel!? But once again… can it be a hindrance to be so smart?

My conclusion? Yes, indeed. I may not be a genius but I can whole-heartedly admit to being an over-thinker. I try to break things down, analyze them bit by bit and then restructure them. When I first started at this company it was my biggest setback. I would look at a rack and instead of standing back and seeing it for what it was, I would try and dissect it. I wanted to know why every nut and bolt was there and what purpose even the tiniest part served. It turned every rack I saw into an impossible Rubik’s cube. I couldn’t assemble one to save my life.

We get calls on a regular basis regarding the assembly of our racks. Continuous observation and interactions with customers have led me to realize the common factor in the vast majority of these calls: they are all highly intelligent people making the same mistake I myself made over and over again: over-analyzing. But how to fix this? Do we make more complex assembly instructions to accommodate those with higher IQs? Do we turn our simple products into DaVinci masterpieces in the hopes that the more complicated they are, the easier it will be for geniuses to understand? This seems like a pretty backwards direction to go.

In the end, I may not have a solution but I do have a recommendation… go outside. Get away from the cities with all their artificial sounds, lights and smells and get back to your roots. Our ancestors were not born into square structures; they explored new territories and crossed oceans and continents so that we might better ourselves and see how wonderful and beautiful the world is. Now granted, I think technology is a marvel. Being able to connect with people on the other side of the world in a heartbeat is a pretty incredible thing. If it weren’t for all the technological advances we’ve made, you wouldn’t be reading this right now and I wouldn’t have a job.  But it’s hard to stand back and gain a different perspective when you’re stuck in a box all day.

So please, if you find yourself staring at your brand new Sure Grip Rack, getting frustrated over putting it together, push the pause button on your brain, go outside, and just be. Take a moment to remember that not everything has to be complicated; some things are still simple in this world.

Now, I could ramble on for another few paragraphs about this, but I think I have a better idea…

…I’m going outside 🙂