And no we don’t mean motorcycles…

Here at Sure Grip we’re constantly trying to come up with new applications for our racks. Whether it be mounting to vehicles, wheelchairs or even walls we have a fever and the only prescription is…more mounting! Now this may raise the question, “Why on earth would you need a gun/bow rack for your bicycle?”. The answer is incredibly simple, why not?

Imagine you are taking a beautiful bicycle ride through the countryside when BOOM! Out of nowhere, a hungry predator jumps out, ready to gobble you up… in that moment you’re wishing you had your handy-dandy Sure Grip 9980 holding your trusty rifle aren’t you? All joking aside though, it’s just another fun way to use our racks. You don’t have to use them to hold a gun or a bow, they’ll hold virtually anything with the same guarantee  behind all of our racks. Here are some picture showing the versatility of our basic 9980 rack, enjoy!

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